About us

The story of Deep South Antiques began with the owner’s personal Antique collection, inherited from her parents many years ago.

Originally from  Alabama and coming to Louisiana some years ago, the owner   has had a Folk Art Gallery on the famous Magazine Street  in New Orleans’ since 2001.

The owners' parents were early Antique  collectors and here you will find great example of their Southern Antique collecting art possessions. In the 1950’s thru 1970’s ,  they collected  Meissen porcelain and elegant Antiques and Architectural salvage from fine old Mansions. Rococco to Belle Epoque .

The 1966 Newspaper article about the owner’s father said."Maybe the collector didn’t even remember where it was stored or why he had saved it all those years. Maybe just because he liked it, with no use in mind. But the fact remains that, in depths of the Great Depression when theses elegant decorative features might be had for a song, he did alot of singing."

With this new online shop there is available a collection of beautiful and high-quality pieces sold at fair prices. The online store’s current inventory reflects discerning judgment and personal tastes, and captivates visitors and residents alike. Deep South Antiques is proud offer a large selection of historical charm.

Our selection is extensive and spans almost all categories of fine antiques, art and porcelain So, whether you are looking for a Meissen, cupid or 1880’s Secretary, you are likely to find it here, at Deep South Antiques. If you don't find what you are looking for, please let us know.