Gilt Wood Cornice Valence

Gilt Wood Cornice Valence

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Long and in federal style. This decorative cornice was placed over a window or door in interiors. It is a high quality valence with an gilt frame and beautifully geometric work.

This type of cornice was probably once decked grand rooms for which it was designed. The ornaments was commonly used to accent windows. Observe the purity of the design.

The base is wood and the relief is wood with gesso gilded finish as it looks.
Extending with wood brackets at the back for hanging over each window. The overall look is exquisite. It is absolutely a stunning element from years ago. The intricate detail of the gilding is magnificent.  

Incorporating architectural salvage into a home decorating scheme is a wonderful way to preserve history, and add an interesting look to your home. The cornice was once atop windows in a Southern mansion, making it a striking piece with a curtain below or just as an architectural element in a commercial setting or stately home. 

Size: Approximately 92” long,  8” high to stand about 4" from the wall.
Condition: Surface wear and scratches from use. This is a very old piece, and there may be imperfections from age so look closely at photos.

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